Brooklyn Freestyle - Russ mp3 download

Brooklyn Freestyle - Russ Mp3 Download

Brooklyn Freestyle - Russ Lyric

Got some shit on my chest
I been livin off delusion
Cuz I heard its healthy
Pockets growing
Labels talkin
Hoes been far from stealthy
I'm still slightly flyin under radars
I practice like its playoffs
I lay brick a day I'm out here
tryna build the Great Wall of yours truly
I need more groupies
And less people tryna get a cut
Put your fuckin hands back in your pockets
Man you said enough
Conversation over
Lately I've been celebrating
Hardly ever sober
True squad generals
No room for soldiers
I gotta classic debut right here chillin in my holster
My shoulders got the weight of my world on them
And her world
And his world
And your world on them
I need a Venezuelan
Or my Afghani chick from dc
To come fuck with my campaign
And treat me presidential
Leave the politics at home, strictly Lewinsky
Then it's back to trying to get a buzz like 50
Cup full of whisky just to level out
I only keep kings around me sacramento style
You need to elevate your life, you've been living lateral
Get you a passion put some dream in a catapult
Being broke in America is unnatural
I'm just giving you facts
You start giving ideas
They start giving you cash
You start popping a little
They start giving you daps
You sing a couple fucking hooks and they start giving you ass
But I'm not mad at the slightest,
the public praises you for what you practice in private
You've been cordially invited
To my showing out party
Reminds me of LA when we had cases of Bacardi, jars of marijuana
Rooftop was the lobby,
too young for that money so the girls got wobbly
They want the whole crew like motley
That was right before 21
I've been fucking the world I'm 'bout to make the money come
Fuck what y'all got
And y'all squares time is up
Because I watched you let the ball drop
1 too many times
I've been hiding out in Brooklyn
I got too comfortable, I had to re arrange the cushions
Get in touch with my chakras
Papa just died, I feel in love with some vodka
Fell out with the ex, then back in love with some vodka
My half brother Jimmy showed up at the wake
Haven't seen him since '97 what the fuck do I say!
He's got some baby mama issues
Shit's been ugly
She's trying to take him down, raising money with "Go Fund Me"
Damn, on top of that, heroin that took my best friend
He hits me up to blow L's
But I'm just trying to catch M's
Hoes coming out the wood works,
they see ya boy building so they trying to get this wood work
And if you tan with an accent, uhhhhhhhh(it could work)

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