Latino e’ Ole dance company was founded by Eldridge Saliba Curmi in 2003 as a sister group to the Paul Curmi folk dance company.

The company performs dances of a latin American & Spanish flavour, taking the audience to Brazil, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Argentina and southern Spain. The shows are a mixed bouquet, from lively and colourful to more expressive powerful and passionate choreographies.

They include dances with a traditional element such as Mexican folk dance, Sevillians, Brazillian and Gipsy dances and other of a more sensual style such as Rumba, Flamenco, Tango and Samba.

The dances are choreographed by Eldridge Saliba Curmi, Ann-Marie Baldacchino, Sarah Mercieca Edwardson and Fiona Barthet. The costumes of Latino e’ Ole dance company were very carefully designed and crafted, paying great attention to detail. To make each performance more complete, Christabelle Curmi & other guest singers, sing popular Spanish and latin American songs.

All in all a very vibrant SPECTACLE!!