Classical Ballet

Students can start classical ballet at the age of 3. This aims to introduce children to the art. The class focuses on developing the young dancer’s coordination and rhythm. They are exposed to ballet terminology such as plie, tendu, sauté, and the basic positions of the feet. These are explained in simple terms which the young dancer will remember. A section of the class is set for stretching, flexibility and free movement, encouraging students to respond individually to different types of music and develop their creativity.

Students continue to build on what they have learned in the previous years. There is more focus on stance and correct positioning of the body, feet and arms. Young Dancers are introduced to the importance of discipline in their classical training as classes become more formal. Students acquire the necessary foundations for their Grade and Vocational Examinations.

Students will have an annual examination regulated by ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) and RAD ( Royal Academy of dance) London.